Omegahat Statistical Computing

Ideas for statistical computing


Occasional and infrequent comments on what I am working on and some of the reasons why. The hope is to keep some people informed about some of the things that are possible in statistical computing, etc. that others are not thinking about.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Carolina Rogelis said

    Hi! I am trying to download SWinTypeLibs but I have not been able to access, it is a temporary problem? or should I look for the library somewhere else?

    Thank you!

    • omegahat said

      The web site is up. Are you trying to install from a binary version?
      If so, which version of R? Typically I don’t build binaries for Windows
      until somebody asks for them.

  2. Gene said

    Is the omegahat site down?
    Most of the links are giving me a page not found, for example:

  3. omegahat said

    The machine is back up and I am restoring the files gradually.

  4. Is RDCOMClient no longer available? The link gives me a page not found.

    • omegahat said

      The package is still available. You can get it via
      install.packages(“RDCOMClient”, repos = “”)
      I’ll restore the package’s own page.

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