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Posting blog entries directly from R.

Posted by omegahat on March 14, 2010

While looking more at how others were preparing blog content about R, I saw that at least one person was uploading content via a python script. I like programmatic solutions and since I am writing a book on XML and Web Technologies including Web services, I looked into this. The mechanism used is XML-RPC. I have an XMLRPC package for R so we can quickly deploy it to provide functionality in R that allows each of us to

  • query information from our blog
  • post blog items, append to a post, create new pages, add categories, etc.

So the RWordpress package is the result.

Correction: WordPress is taking the URL and capitalizing the p in RWordpress. This seems to happen only for words containing “wordpress”. So I have renamed the R package to RWordPress. The link on this page (even while being lower-case p in the HTML) now corresponds to the new package name. Thanks Tal.


2 Responses to “Posting blog entries directly from R.”

  1. Tal Galili said



  2. Tal Galili said

    p.s: The link to –

    Is broken 😦

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