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Posted by omegahat on July 9, 2007

For a long time I had it on my To-do list to install the relevant software on

which I could use to write about some of the things I was thinking about regarding statistical computing in general and also the specific things I was working on or trying to find the time to squeeze in. So here it finally is in the form of a hosted site. Why didn’t I think of that earlier 🙂

I posted something about the start of exploring the number of copies of objects made by R.

I am also interested in developing an extensible engine so that package developers can easily introduce new data structures that can be used directly in the R engine. An object-oriented language such as C++ is a useful approach, but involves a non-trivial amount of effort to move from our current source to that. We can use a “poor man’s” C++ via C and routine/function pointers. But one of the things that is useful, nay important, is to introduce some type specification into the R source code. See type specified routines.

An extensible system at the package level poses some issues for serialization/deserialization as converting a sequence of bytes to an instance of a potentially dynamically determined C/C++ data structure requires a factory of some sort which produces the instances.


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